Skill Training Videos

Passing your EMT class includes passing the Didactic (lecture) portion and the Practical Skills as well.
Passing the Didactic portion involves studying your notes, study grouping, and using the resources provided by the book publisher.
To pass your Practical Skills you must perform your skills according to the standards required by the County of Los Angeles and the NREMT.
Our partners at EMT Education And Training have made skill training videos that reflect the standards you will be instructed and tested by showing you what to say and what to do so that you can watch and practice your skills and know that you are doing them correctly.
 Available videos cover all of the skills that most students struggle with. Videos include instruction and demonstrations that will prepare you to succeed on your Practical Skills.
 The skill videos are available on a subscription basis.
The normal subscription price is $49.00 for a 6 month subscription but CIEMT students at either campus will receive a 10 dollar discount bringing your cost to just $39.00 for the 6 month subscription.
While subscribing is not a requirement, we highly recommend you subscribing to improve your performance in skill labs and testing.