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Course Description

California Institute of Emergency Medical Training
On-line Course Content Information

All students must complete the on-line modules during the course. It is part of the course hours and is a requirement for the completion of the CIEMT EMT program.

Each of the three on-line modules is connected to a specific practical skills class you will attend during your EMT course. EACH OF THE THREE ON-LINE MODULES MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT PRIOR TO THE ON CAMPUS PRACTICAL SKILLS CLASS THAT IS COVERED IN THAT MODULE.

Example: The DAY 1 – Skills Module is designed to be completed before your first in class skills day (patient assessment). If you do not complete the on-line content before that day, YOU WILL BE LOST!!!!!

You must enroll using the code given by CIEMT to access the on-line hours and to obtain credit towards the course.

Your time on-line will be tracked and you will be tested on some of the on-line content immediately following the viewing of that content. BE PREPARED.

Although, you are encouraged to download and print all the on-line content, especially skills components, for some of the skills it will be MANDITORY. You will be required to print and have in your possession a copy of the skill on the course skills day in which you will be learning that skill. Each day’s skills module begins with a page with links to download that day’s skills.

Course Content

Lessons Status

DAY 1 – Skills Copy


DAY 1 – Enhancements Copy


DAY 2 – Skills Copy


DAY 2 – Enhancements Copy


DAY 3 – Skills Copy


DAY 3 – Enhancements Copy